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USB Check Reader Driver Installation

When using the USB version of the IntelliPIN, Mini MICR, IS65/320 Cable, MagnePrint Cable and MICRImage Cable, you must install the appropriate USB driver files onto your computer.

The USB devices will only operate on computers with Windows 98/ME or Windows 2000/XP and Vista operating systems.

The USB driver files are available in two forms:

  • On a CD (p/n 30035077)
  • From the MagTek web site (www.magtek.com) - (p/n 99510038). (The files on the web site are provided in a self-extracting zip file. Run the application and unzip the files to a temporary folder on your local disk drive.)

After you have extracted all the files from the ZIP file or if you have the CD, proceed with the installation steps below. These steps will only have to be performed the first time you attach the device.

  1. After the USB cable and the power adapter have been connected to the device and to the PC, Windows will indicate that it found new hardware and will show the IntelliPIN or Mini MICR device has been attached.
  2. You will then be prompted to use the USB Wizard to install the device driver and other appropriate files.
  3. When prompted, ask the Wizard to search for a suitable device driver.
  4. If you have the MagTek USB drivers on a CD, specify the CD drive and appropriate path (USB-98-ME or USB-2K-XP) as the location of the driver. If you used the web installation, you may use the Browse button to specify the location to where the files were extracted.
  5. After you locate the requested INF file, click Open.
  6. After all of the files have been installed, click Finish.

Once the driver files have been installed, any application program can communicate with the IntelliPIN or Mini MICR just as if it is attached to a regular RS-232 COM port.

Configuring the Mini MICR for use with CheckPro

  • To use the USB style Min MICR Check Reader with CheckPro or LoanPro, setup the VSI Wedge software.

Note: If your Mini MICR is installed on COM1-COM4, you can alternately use Microsoft Serial Keys instead of the VSI Wedge software.

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