This is a reference for managers. For ease of use, it is organized in the same manner as the software itself. Each chapter considers one of the subjects with the headings seen on the screen below, and each subsection correlates with the subsections of CheckPro itself. 

For example, the first major heading on the screen below is "Daily Work."  Hence, that is the title of the first chapter in the reference.

Select "Daily Work." Press <Enter>, and the following screen appears. Notice the first heading, "Transaction Entry."  Therefore, the first major subsection of "Chapter 1 -  Daily Work" will be "Transaction Entry," and so on. 

Most of the subsections of the program also have subordinate functions, and those are addressed in this reference in the same relative position as they occur in the program.

Many of the subordinate functions have been addressed in detail in the User's Manual. Where practical, the Manager's Reference refers to appropriate sections of the User's Manual rather than duplicate those explanations. However, in some cases, there are expanded capabilities available to a manager that are not described in the User's Manual; in those instances there is some repetition for clarity.


Table of Contents