Chapter 1 - Daily Work

This part of the program contains all of the functional aspects needed to conduct and monitor work involving interaction with customers during the current day. Most of the functions are available to tellers, but some operations are password protected for access by managers only. Others are password protected for accountability purposes (such as Money Order processing); in these instances, each teller will have his/her own password.

Transaction Entry is covered in detail in Chapter 8 of the User's Manual. The key element for managers to remember is that this screen is the heart of the CheckPro system. From the "Enter Transactions" screen, almost any transaction may or must be accomplished. Every customer and Check Maker must be approved at some point before a teller may accept a transaction from them, and entering that data and the data required for a specific transaction may be accomplished from this window.

Cash Count Entry is a critical part in daily operations where cash and inventory are accounted for at the beginning and end of each day, and then as they are transferred between drawers during the course of the day. When beginning-of-day activities are being conducted, performance of this function automatically records clock-in of the employee performing cash count operations. Similarly, end-of-day operations will automatically clock-out employees conducting closing procedures.

As illustrated in the next screen,
Cash Account Entry has four sub-functions. The first two pertain to tasks performed at individual service windows, while the latter two are for recording transactions involving the store vault.


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